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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a iPhone Icon trial package?

Yes. Our trial package details the position and size of the iPhone screen, TabBars, Navigation Bars and Tool Bars. We have included some buttons and icons for you to try too. You can download the free trial under the Trial Menu or by clicking here.


How do I purchase these files?

On the purchase page simply add the files that you want to purchase to your cart. Click the "PayPal" checkout button and complete your payment via PayPal. When your transaction is complete, your browser will be directed to a web page with links to the libraries that you purchased. You will also receive these links along with a receipt in your email.

How long are the download links active?

The download links that are provided are active for 24-hours or 2 download attempts. If you have trouble downloading the files, please send an email to:

Is my purchase a secure transaction?

Yes, your transaction is very safe. Your payment is handled by PayPal via a secure site. PayPal does not share your financial information with us and simply notifies us of a successful transaction.

Will you notify me of updates to your libraries and new products?

You can receive email updates from us by electing to join our newsletter. We do not share your information or bombard you with emails. If we update our libraries ... you might like to know. You can join the mailing list when you download the "free trial", or by clicking here.

Is the artwork and iPhone Icons provided in all iPhone Design Tools editable?

Yes, each package includes an editable PDF. To edit the vector paths, you will need to open the PDF in a program such as Adobe Illustrator or import the file into Adobe Photoshop. You will be able to save hours of design time by editing the vector paths, fills, labels, and effects.

How are the effects created?

The glass effects in all the design tools packages are created using transparency mask and simple gradients. There are no mesh fills that can be difficult to edit. In the iPhone body template, a blend is used to get a smooth gradient. The paths of this file could be difficult to edit however it is fully scalable.

Why is vector artwork so important?

Most iPhone icons and template that are available on the Internet are simply screen shots from the iPhone or exported as rasterized files. Rasterized artwork becomes "blurry" when enlarged or reduced. The ability to edit a rasterized element is very limited. Vector artwork allows you to edit, add effects, resize without losing clarity. Vector artwork can also be rasterized in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop as needed.

Are the iPhone icons in the iPhone Design Tools libraries accurately sized?

All elements are sized to standard iPhone elements using Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (3.0). You can create layouts indicating the x/y coordinates of elements in pixels with precision.

What is the difference in the packages that are offered?

Purchasing the full library that is compatable with the application that you plan to use is the best value. iPhone icons and iPhone elements in these libraries have been prepared to make creating an iPhone mock-up very simple. Individual iPhone icon packs are available for individual purchase when a full library is not required.

What is the difference between the Adobe Photoshop package and the Adobe Illustrator package?

Both of these packages contain the same artwork elements. The Adobe Photoshop package was exported from Adobe Illustrator with the type presented on a separate layer. This allows the type to be edited in Adobe Photoshop while leaving the rasterized fills and effects unchanged. The Adobe Photoshop package includes an editable PDF that can be imported directly into Adobe Photoshop, or opened in Adobe Illustrator.

How can I use this artwork for creating animations of working iPhone applications for presentations?

Each element in iPhone icon packs for Macromedia Flash has been saved as a Symbol in Adobe Illustrator. These Symbols can be imported as Macromedia Flash Symbols and will appear in Flash as an Asset. Simply choose "Import" and select some (or all) of the Symbols you'd like to use in your project. Included with the Flash libraries is a fully editable PDF so you can customize or edit the iPhone artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

I have an idea for an Icon for my iPhone Application. Do you do custom icons for iPhone applications?

Yes. We'll get you noticed on the App store. We can create custom icons and work with you on the screen shot layouts for your application listing. We also have experience working with marketing applications on the App Sotre. Just send us an email and we will provide you with an estimate.

What if I purchase the library and am not satisfied? Do you offer a refund?

Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with your purchase just send us a note and explain the reason that you are not satisfied with your purchase. We will work to correct the problem or refund your money.